Confessions of a Kpop Fan girl

Now this is my first post ever but hey here goes lets start a beautiful new relationship.

I'm thatgirljerzak and I am obsessed with kpop. I'd be lying if i said i wasnt in deep fatal love with all things hallyu.

Your not even Korean?


The second thing that always enfuriates me is when someone decides to say these exact words and girls you know them because it is said by someone ignorant almost every time ...

Why are you listening to chinese music?


Onto the third thing that always is said ...

"So i think you have a problem you listen to too much chinese music .... once again not chinese its KOREAN and second of all BITCH SHUT UP!"

(but i really do feel that way sometimes)

Onto the fourth please bare with me this is long but i know you all can agree it sucks when you mess up when your singing your favorite jam and you ...

mispronounce one word and your friends turn around and look at you like you just killed someone..

I'm sorry i promise i read the romanizations and am trying very hard to learn as i go.


High Five to the face of the loser who has the decency to


oh they're ugly and look like girls ?

How dare you even have the balls to say that to me your rude and just jealous of there awesomeness.


Sixth confession of this fellow fangirl . That feeling of awesomeness when you get the enire words down of your jam and your like

Naega jeil jal naga Naega jeil jal naga Naega jeil jal naga Naega jeil jal naga Je je jeil jal naga Beat!


Im at the deadly seventh sin nah jk

When you realize you have ditched everything just to be able to stay home to watch the mv release because of the time differences!

and you realize shortly after that its always worth it because your bias always makes you happy.


8th thing about a fangirl that she will dislike if you say to her which someone probably will because there are poops out there ....

but they dont even know you exist!

thanks for pointing out the obvious as if i didnt know that you piece of dirt.

9 11 Hi there my mom wont let me go see my oppas? its okay I've cried cause mom's can hurt you!!!

they do it just like this you go on and on and on about your bias and say everything amazing about them and they'll turn give you a smile and say No its too much money you can see them again next time.

What next time there is no next time they rarely come to the usa as it is but at last you wont win so dont feel bad go ahead turn on the kpop and dance baby dance


Tenth thing I have to confess is that kpop makes me happy like really really happy. i admit i may look crazy and idiotic but whi NC ares you can never take away that feeling of blissfullness that kpop brings to the soul. And im sure no one can take those things from us so do yourself a favor blast on the kpop and keep fighting!!!!

Just another fangirl in the crowd.
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