Is it bad i think primary is cute even with the box on his head?(my weird obsession with guys who wear mask hint hint even Ch.mpd...) Anyways!!! So, lately these pass few years I noticed my love for kpop grew and surpass just listening to you know ummm (i really dont know how to say) K-idols(?) I notice that I started to listen to more korean R&B singers and of course HipHop. So i like to share my favs with you guys.

1. I think i started listening to Brown Eyed Soul around '12 or '13 . I didnt have a laptop at the time so i was kpop deprived but while doing some searching on my tv , i found a music on demand channel that had kpop on it. (small list though) I saw a song called Love Song. I clicked it and fell in love. I love their soulful voices and the nice harmony they bring to each song they sing.

2. I started listening to 4men because of 2 reasons ... umm i got into them the same way i did with BES. I really fell in love when i heard a few singers ( Especially gd and daehyung from b.a.p) sung their song baby baby . I never really knew what they looked like haha

3. Okay, im getting more into my fav favs!! I loveeeeee this guy!! Like not because i think he's hawt..( obviously he is but still) I love his music. At first I saw Simon D on a old variety show called Idol school(?) I dont remember but i know it was around Miss A GOOD Girl Bad Girl promotions. I honestly thought he was a comedian but mannn when i heard him rap on the show i was like dammmmmmnnnnn. Then i started listening to his songs and i was hooked.

4. This is my bae everybody!! ✌ I am honestly in love with this strange man. Like he is so good looking (man bun was on fleek back then) but before all that I got into him because of the same reasons of the first two in this list. The first song i heard by him or more like featured is Davichi 's be warmed and Phantom's (i think i spelled that right..?) Come as you are. I thought i was weird for thinking he was hawt but seriously now i just cant help but to find him and his voice attractive . I love how mellow his songs are and his features are the best!! He is a genious when it comes to making music and he can sing also!!! His strange /cute personality adds on to it.- Now I really love his song walking in the rain and his new song he made with a member from phantom.

5. This one is a given!! I really love Zion.t and Crush. I started listening to zion.t before i knew he was zion.t hahahaha. Like before he debuted debuted i listened to his underground songs like Tatooist and a couple of features with soul connection umm crucial star.... a few but that is all i can think of at the moment.I didnt even know what he looked like haha One day in 2013 i think... I ran into his song click me from his red light album that came out around that time and absolutely fell in love. Like now he is my top fav singer in Korea ~~ His red light album was my first Korean album I ever got and im happy it was. With Crush at first I wasnt really into him when he debuted with hug . me. I enjoyed his first stage but i found him a bit awk when he was dancing with the girl so yeahhh(since im a dancer i tend to be attracted to dancers so when he seemed a bit awk it was a big no no.) But soon enough the song stucked to my head and end up liking it. Though that didnt last long haha but one day i wanted to study so i looked up Korean R&B songs and his album popped up. Honestly i didnt remember him but haha soon enough i fell in love with the album and Isaw a features of him and zion.t . Best Collabs!!! I just lobe them together!! Now Im obsessed over this baby faced cutie.

6. Crucial star!!!! I honestly really didnt know what crucial star looked like until recently on Show me the money! He was always on my r&b and hiphop playlist on youtube. I dont even remember my first song by him. I just started liking him just because hahaha. His music is amazeballs! Im glad i listened to his music first other than seeing what he looks like caussee~.... bruh i think i would be focusing on his cute chubby face more than his music.

Last but not at all least.... Loco!!!! Okay lemme be honest with ya. I love his chunky ,cuti,e fluffy face self! Like bruhhh~~ Imma seem a bit shallow but imma keep it real with yall I didnt really started listening to his music until I saw a vine of him this year lookin all cute and fluffy saying "lo co lo co lo lo co" drunk....... yeahhh anyways I listened to a few songs by him a year or two back because of youtube korean r&b and hiphop playlist. I like it but i didnt pay that much attention to him . This year I fell in deep. Like his songs with crush and gray omahhhhhhdbdnsaisldsn his voice is so nice and soothing. I went ham all last month i think with binge watching his last performances and radio interviews like bruhhh i fell deep. I think my fav song by him is 감아(hold me? ) featuring crush. I play that song errrrr day. lol

Anyways, I hope you guys like my list!! Tell me your guys favs .Are some of mines your guys favs also? Tell me below!!

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