Orange Marmalade : Jung Yong Hwa & Yook Sung Jae Vamping Out

If you have been watching Orange Marmalade and watched the ending other then being happy That Ma Ri is happy yayyy!!! You may have smiled about the celebrities that were Vamping out in this Dramas Reality aka Vampire Coming Out.

One star that stood out was CNBLUE's front man Jung Yong Hwa and boy did i smile at that one I bet his friend and fellow bandmate Lee Jong Hyun had a laugh when he saw this.

Of course Yook Sung Kae also sneaked his way into this Vamping Out awesomeness. As you all know he was in Who are you : School 2015 for those of you who watched both dramas this was a cute moment.

Just another fangirl in the crowd.
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