Trail Running Shoes 2012: Brooks Cascadia 7

$110 Reviews: 4.7/5 4.1/5 Runningshoesguru: 9/10 Recommended for: Runners seeking a solid, smooth, and durable multi-purpose trail shoe capable of transitioning seamlessly between the road and trail.--Runningshoesguru 5 Reviews: -I have a neutral foot, size 7 in all other brands, 7.5 in Brooks. These shoes were exactly what I didn't know I wanted in a trail shoe: I took them out for a 5 miler and did not experience any rubbing or discomfort, great traction, lightweight, dry quickly, sufficient support. I also used them for long distance backpacking as well as day hikes and was pleasantly surprised with how well they held up. -Love the lacing system and cushiony comfort, very secure feeling shoes, when travelling they are my one pair for everything shoes. Packed them for a 4 day trip to Arizona, used them to hike Camelback mountain, biked 44 miles in them, ran 12 miles on sidewalks and walked on our grand canyon tour in them. At home I run in wet grass, gravelly country roads and on rocky hilly trails and love them. Most runs 3-10 miles in them. Only performance complaint is that they cake heavily with the sticky Ohio mud on wet muddy trails, I am going to try the more minimalist PureGrits next for real muddy conditions cause heavy legs make for slower times on trail run races in the mud. Highly recommend them for a comfortable "broken in from the moment you put them on" all terrain or trail running/hiking shoe. -This may be a good product if it fits you right. I would not get this if you pronate, even slightly. Despite the recommendation of a Brooks employee, this shoe will not work for someone who pronates - that was obvious without leaving my living room. It is probably a good shoe for someone with a neutral foot. I'd also say I'm a 9 in most shoes but I'm a 9.5 in all Brooks shoes, including this one, so order a half size big. -Smooth is the word that comes to mind. The Cascadia 7 transitions well from road to the trials. They also work well on most surfaces I was able to test on (except snow), even on slick rocks. They work well when wet and in muddy conditions (no issue with traction). I was surprised that the shoe drained well when wet. I could easily put a lot of miles on the 7′s, that is, this is an all-purpose trail shoe that does just about anything you want on the trails. The overall fit is perfect (no slipping or blisters) with plenty of protection from sharp objects. -My Cascadias are GREAT on gravel, rock, and snow. Maybe not so well-suited to longer runs, but they got me through the recent Monument Marathon, much of which was off-road on packed dirt, gravel, and crushed rock. Even in wet rocky conditions, my footing was sure. I heard other runners complain about slippage and mud build-up, but I did not experience this in my Cascadias. I do have some plantar fasciitis issues when I run longer distances in these shoes (a problem I don't have in my Mizunos), I think this is related to the Cascadia being a neutral shoe, when I should be running in a stability due to overpronation and low heel height.

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