U-Kiss Selcas from Album Release

U-Kiss' new Album (Doradora-6th mini album) was released at midnight (just a 6 minutes ago) so Soohyun tweeted this pic. It looks like all of the guys are in one room waiting for the news. . . wait, while I was typing the other guys started tweeting too. lol. U-Kiss Hwaiting!!!!!! First pic is Soohyun, second is Hoon, third is AJ, fourth is Kevin, fifth is Dongho, sixth is everyone, seventh is Kiseop, and eighth is Eli. Since I am still updating it, the guys have officially trended on twitter@UKISSDORADORA. Congrats!!

I was born in Germany, but raised in the U.S. My parents continued to teach me German and I also learned it at the University. I am really into sports, but I love to watch movies and tv shows. Just finished law school, so my life is at a major changing point
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