MJ Will Regret Trading Lance Stephenson

Last year the Charlotte Hornets were a team on the uptrend. The team went from the worst record in the NBA to the playoffs in one season. It seemed as if things were only going to get better for Charlotte as they acquired Lance Stephenson from the Indiana Pacers.

Unfortunately, the Hornets took a huge step back in 2015.

After the 2016 NBA is finished, Charlotte fans will look back on the trade and wish they never moved Stephenson.

When the Pacers needed someone to facilitate the offense, Lance stepped up to the plate.

Defensively, Lance has the ability to be a game changer for any NBA team.What doesn’t show on film is his character. Lance is passionate about the game of basketball. He loves to defend and won’t back down to anyone.

Upon viewing the highlight film, you can see glimpses of why Charlotte bought Lance into town. Watch the variety of ways Lance puts the ball in the basket. He also hits a couple game winners for the Hornets.

With that being said, the film doesn’t show the main reason why Lance didn’t work in Charlotte.

Injuries are what killed the Hornets in 2015.It’s very hard to work in a new key player and create team synergy when star players are out.

When the 2016 NBA season is all said and done, the Hornets will look back on the Stephenson trade and regret moving him.

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