Jackson - Got7

What? Why you keep looking at me like that? I ain't got money. Just cause you think you look so fine at the Just Right MV with your 9 million views, probably ten by now. I don't care. You know, you can be really consceited sometimes but somehow you look cute at the same time. No! Nope, I didn't say that. You hearing things. You ain't all that. Ya! What? Who told you i wanted flowers. See, you don't even listen to me! I told you, if ever you want to get my attention you buy me ice cream with lots of chocolate and a brownie, or, you appreciate my hispanicness and buy me a Pina Colada. Cause you know, those are the bombs. What? What!? Until you get me a Pina Colada I ain't listening to you! Go flirt with thise other girls over there. What are they from again? Miss B. No Miss G. I know theres some girl group with like five G's in their name. Oh wait! Thats another group. They're called Girls Generation right? See, this is what happens when you don't take me to your job in your free time. I'd love to meet 2PM oppas. Ya! Jinjja! You are too much. Fine i'll take the flowers. Ur too cute...

I seriously dont know what just happened. Lol. I just started...daydreaming...and writing at the same time.

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