A girl like Vanny

Where do I start with a girl like you? Youre hair no matter how you do it I love it and it always looks great Kind of like having a personal tailor who fits everything to perfection Youre eyes Ah youre eyes are like looking into paradise All of the happiness and love you see can put anyone at ease That smile just makes everything right Like coming home from a hard day to see your partner welcoming and kissing you Youre skin is an amazing color and I just wanna kiss it all day It reminds me of soft sweet carmels To me your just the right size and I bet your almost as good at cuddling as me We can be like pandas amd cuddle all day Youre voice warms me to my core Like coming in from the snow and eating hot soup The best is for last which is your laugh It lights up my whole world and I can never thank you enough Youre laugh is like being locked alone in the dark and seeing a spark of light You bring love, hope, and happiness to me When I thought I lost it all again Youre just so amazing inside and out Head to toe I dont deserve you I love you

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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
Love Love LOVE

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