Twitter has the Power to Erase Stolen Jokes

Being witty, fun, and interesting on the internet is pretty hard. It’s even harder in 140 characters or less.

Well, what happens when you find something already great out there, repeat it, and get all the credit? That’s essentially what’s happening on Twitter.

Smaller lesser-known comedians or just witty people on the internet are Tweeting out. Then they are noticing that larger “joke” accounts are making very similar or even the same jokes and receiving all the credit. (In the form of retweets and likes.)

So Twitter is out to delete these joke-stealing Tweets under copyright grounds. Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), Twitter is provides a service for copyright claims. You just make a request that your ineffectual property has been stolen, and Twitter will look into it.

Case in point

The only big issue I see with this: What is truly stolen and what is just creative remixing of an idea? Things can still be unique and original with inspiration from another tweet.

And perhaps there is a way to credit the real author and still use a joke account for clout. Maybe we all need to take a hard look at where we get our funnies on the internet.

You know the character Timon and Pumbaa from Lion King? And how Pumba makes these quiet spectacular ideas, and Timon just says them louder and gets all the credit? Yep, that’s what’s happening on Twitter.

Now Pumba can just make a request to Twitter and maybe get the credit he deserves.

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