♪ French Slang in Music ♪ : emballer

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The best lessons in French class were always the ones where we listened to a contemporary French song and learned a TON of French slang as a result. Today, I've got a song for you that will teach you the word emballer (ahm-bah-lay).

emballer (quelqu'un) = to make out with someone

Here it is in a sentence:

Il a emballé une fille au bar hier soir.

He made out with a girl at the bar last night.

The Song

This song by Yelle, "Bouquet Final" (which translates to final bouquet, or curtain call), is about a couple having a passionate moment in the face of an uncertain future. Yelle sings "Je te prends, je t'emballe," which means, "I take you, I kiss you," (or, well, make out with you, but that doesn't sound as nice). It's a really good song, and the video above displays the lyrics in time with the music, so you can read along!


So now, next time a French hottie asks if you want to "emballer," you know what that means! ;)

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