The Pizza Cone Attempted

We've all heard of the Pizza Cone and if you haven't you need to! It's a creative new take on pizza that is sweeping the nation...or at least NYC. And yet I have never gotten around to finding where their sold and trying one!

But after watching a video about how to make pizza cones at home, I decided to attempt to make my own; and it surprisingly didn't end up as a Pinterest fail!

Here's the super easy to follow video!


- Cone shaped PAPER cups (plastic will melt)

- 1 tube Pillsbury crescents

- Tomato Sause

- Shredded Mozzarella cheese

- Any toppings you want (peppers, mushrooms, meat, more cheese ect..)

- tin foil

- cooking spray

How Its Made

In case the video went a little to fast I'll break it down for you how to make these pizza cones!

1. Wrap foil around the cone cup and spray with non-stick cooking spray

2. Roll out the Pillsbury crescents and use a rolling pin to get rid of all the "rip apart" lines

3. Size and Cut the dough so that it can easily wrap about the tin foil cone 1.5 times

4. Cook in oven for 6-8 minutes on 450 degrees

5. Remove cooked dough cone from the tinfoil, place in coffee cup and fill with all the fillings and topping you want (I dig the extra extra cheese)

6. Put back in the oven and cook for 6-8 more minutes


Heres my pizza cone attempt! Not to bad for the first try! I did learn that when cooking the stuff on the inside melts down (obviously) so don't be afraid to really load it up so that its full to the brim!

It was fun and a way to impress my friends in the easiest way.

So try the pizza cone for your next party! I swear it'll be a huge hit.

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