Stitch-A-Long Cards For Kids, By Kids

How cute are these stitch-a-long cards that kids can make and share with each other. And even though I am not a kid anymore, I wouldn't mind getting in on the fun and making these also! It also gives me ideas on making my own templates for other cute designs.


download here

Card stock

Cardboard or styrofoam (for hole punching)

Needle with a large eye

Embroidery floss



The first stem is a little clunky, but it actually makes sense. You need to pre-punch the holes where the thread is going.

1. Place printed card over some foam or cardboard and pre-punch holes.

2. Thread needle with embroidery floss (about 18 inches or so).

3. Leaving one strand loose, tie a knot in the other end of the floss and secure with tape to the underside of the card.

4. Begin stitching along the holes of the card, creating cactus spurs made of thread.

5. When you come to the end, or need to change out the thread, make a knot and tape down.

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