Update ><

Hi guys!:p sorry its been forever since I've been on Vingle D: So much has been happening D:<

I've been busy with a bunch of family activities. Also, getting ready for senior year. (not ready..take me back ;-;)@AshleySilliado I hope you ready bruh.

Anyways, I really missed Vingle ~ (Kai's pouty face is so adorable omg)

As for me moving on to senior year..I dunno what to do D: Sorry if this card was so random LOL;-; but I'll leave with a nice quote.

안녕하세요 여러분! I'm Bethany ~ and I love kpop. A couple of my favorite bands are BTS, Big Bang, Got7 ect.~ *i do not own any of the stuff i post unless stated:3 thank you~
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