Favorite Korean food?

@maralatto, this is from that restaurant I told you about! This is bibimbap, aka mixed rice. I love it xD There's rice, bulgogi, a fried egg, and veggies: bean sprouts, lettuce, cucumbers, and spicy radish. That container is spicy red paste.

The bibimbap with the spicy red paste mixed in, added kimchi, and added rolled egg ♥

Kimbap and yaki mando.

Extra veggies! I love veggies :-) It has bean sprouts, broccoli, spicy radish, kimchi, and cucumber. :-)

What are your favorite Korean foods? Do you have any Korean restaurants or stores near you? All of this is from my favorite restaurant called the Junction. We have several Korean stores as well, I love them. I'll have to go buy some things to show everyone :-) Have you tried anything new because of K-Dramas? Because of the show Healer I started mixing white rice with kimchi and fried chicken. It's delicious!!

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