Rachelina takes on Global Diets~Day 1

Hi Everyone! This is where I will be posting my diet and fitness updates throughout my journey. I will be keeping a daily food and exercise journal so you will be able to follow me and offer any advice. I'll also be posting videos here too. So check back daily. Thank you for your support !! ^_^ Day 1: May 10, 2012 Starting Weight: 134.65 kg (I will be weighing myself daily) Measurements: (in cm)--Measurements will be done once a week, on Thursday. Left arm: 41.5 Right Arm: 39.5 Bust: 138.5 Waist: 126 Hip: 140 Right thigh: 72.5 Left thigh: 21.5 Right calf: 50 Left calf: 50.5 Note: I am sure people are surprised that I actually posted all of that. lol. I figure, if you see me, you already know I am big, so it's not a surprise. Anyhoo, I am doing this the honest way, so I don't plan on glamorizing it. Exercise: - Brisk walk to work: 3.5K ~2.2 miles - Brisk walk home: 3.5K ~2.2 miles Food Journal: Breakfast: Jamba Juice Power-Size Protein Berry Workout Smoothie Lunch: Odeng (broth) and a spicy chicken skewer Snack: Melon Popsicle Dinner: 4 hard-boiled eggs and a light banana milk Other: Caffe latte with no sugar; 8 glasses of water I plan to be on this diet for 1 month before I change things over. Since it takes 28 days to start a habit or to break one, I figure that will be long enough to set a baseline. Then I will start to change other things to see what works. How do I feel? When I got home I was starving b/c my lunch was kinda light, but after I ate the eggs and drank the milk, I feel fine. I think the banana milk is key. The walk home is much better than the walk to work. I think it is because the walk to work is on an incline the entire way and I don't have any food in my system, so I am low energy. Random note: I realized that this is actually a reverse diet or the big breakfast diet. The biggest meal of the day is my breakfast, medium size meal in lunch, and smallest meal is dinner. I would really like to add the sleep diet aspect of getting 7.5 hours of sleep a night, but the way my life is right now, I don't think it is possible. Maybe that will become a variable later Here is the post from Day 2 if you are interested :) Day 2: http://www.vingle.net/posts/10221

I'm from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, but have been constantly moving around since my college days. So much so that my mom has called me Carmen Sandiego. Just kicked off my global diet experiment to change my life for the better ^_^
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