Make your own Big Bang drinks!

Hello K-poppers!

What better way to celebrate Big Bang's comeback than with a wonderful drink?

Here are 5 perfect drinks for every VIP!

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SEUNGRI - Delicate Lavender Peach Lemonade

Summery, refreshing drink for fans of Panda! Mainly for all the K-poppers under 21 since this the only non-alcoholic drink in the card.


TOP - Classic Prohibition-Era Cocktail

The strong and classy drink for fans of the tall and handsome Bingu TOP. Watch the Doom Dada MV as you enjoy this wonderful cocktail!

Check out the recipeHERE

GD - Spicy-Sweet with Peach Jalapeño Margarita

If there is one way to describe GD in a drink, it's spicy and sweet. Who else can go from classy and sexy to childish and cute in seconds like he does? Share the love for your GD bias with this perfect Margarita!

Check out the recipeHERE

TAEYANG - Modern "Rose & Rye" Cocktail

This lovely and sophisticated drink is for fans of the handsome Taeyang. Sip on this as you listen to Eyes, Nose, Lips (feat. Tablo)!

Check out the recipeHERE

DAESUNG - Lovely Blueberry Jam and Prosecco Cocktail

Fruity and refreshing drink for fans of the lovely and bubbly Daesung! I'm sure TOP wishes he could have this drink too! After all, he is the biggest fan of Daesung!

Check out the recipeHERE


Next time you sit down for a drink, try one of these Big Bang recommendations! And check out theFood communityfor tons more awesome recipes and also check out@allischaff'sInspiring Cocktails collectionfor more drink recipes!

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