Bill Cosby Will Get Away With Serial Rape

46 women have been sexually assaulted by Cosby for the past half century.some

And yet, after these women came forward he is still not in prison. How is this ok?

Its not ok.

And don't you think its time to change

The fact that there is a statue of limitation on rape crimes is ridiculous, disgusting and a tool to help the rapist, not the victim. This means that depending on what state the crime (because in case anyone forgot, Rape is a crime), even if Cosby admitted to the rape, after a certain time line he can not be tried for his complete and total attack on another humans body.

Right now authorities are hoping to get him on a rape he committed in 2008 which still falls under California's statue of limitations.

only 3% of rapists will ever see 1 day in prison and hardly ever serve their full sentence.

he will get away with the other 45!

Doest seem like justice to me.

So we all need to ban together and say fuck that. We need to change the way we view victims of rape in order to catch, and convict more rapist.

Do not be ashamed of your attack. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

You do not owe anyone your body and reserve the right to say No anytime.

END The Rape Culture

We live in a rape culture where women are treated like objects and our bodies do not belong to us. Cosby even said that drugging women was not raping them because he knew they would want to have sex with him anyway...

Im sorry but that is completely delusional. Just because someone wants to have sex does not give them the right to take away their option to say no, or their memory...or their consciousness BILL.

Report Your Attack Right Away

I know it will be hard, but they only way to get revenge, power and closure back is to report the crime. Got to the hospital, get a rape kit, make sure they have DNA, because if you wait to long, unfortunately the statue of limitations will protect them.

We are taking back our sexualities and we will fight for you.

Check out this most perfect video describing the insanity of Bill Cosby's case for the past few year. And to think this video was made before the last 10 victims came out.

If you think about it, Bill Cosby should be spending the rest of his life in prison. How many years do you actually think he is going to get?

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