GOT7 ~05.08.15~ @ The Riviera ~Chicago,IL~

I was soooo geared up for this concert^^!!!!! I fanned out my phone and made a poster with my bias #FlyBoyTuan^^ This was probably the longest trip I ever done. I worked up to 7pm before my friend and I left out to Chicago on an 8hr drive. Finally arrived at about 640am and ended up like 34th in line^^ Met up with some amazing friends I had made @ the VIXX concert and we were blessed getting 2nd row seating from the stage♡

Opening with "하지마":) The boys really know how to kick off a show! The acoustics inside were a bit off because you could not hear them that well:/

They were so oooo much fun during their Q&A session. So each member picked a post it note from under their name that we wrote out for them prior to the concert^^ Of course Jackson was asked to do sexy dance/aegyo...aegyo you know what we had to pick ;) Then I was so excited Mark picked mine♡ "Mark will you have a dance battle with JB? And always remember to Fly High^^ #FlyBoyTuan♡" Coolest thing ever!!!!

"Forever Young"♡♡♡♡

These boys are ALL "Magnetic"♡♡♡♡ Each of them has this charm that just draws you in!!!^^

BamBam's belated birthday surprise from Chicago iGOT7's:):):):):):):)

"A"BC's with GOT7 lol:D

I am so happy they performed JJ Project's single "Bounce"! You could tell they were having fun♡♡♡ And FYI who knew Baby Yugeom could move like that^^????

After the concert we drove straight back home with a ton of wonderful and fun memories to last us a lifetime☆...but it did take a toll on our voices^^

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