Internet Activists Rig Congress Fax Machines to Make a Statement

In a new bill proposed in congress right now would give tech firms the ability to collect personal data. And just when you thought all old technology was bad, internet activists are using the old stuff to make a statement: we want privacy online.


The irony in all of this? Congress is using old technology like fax machines to make sure information is not leaked. So hackers can see their proposals and information that they send to each other.

Meanwhile the general population that is using new technology. And their privacy is being invaded. Those are the real and honest FAX.


So, you know, if you are angry and ready to protest on the internet here’s how it’s done:

Rig eight separate phone lines to convert emails sent from (as well as tweets with the hashtag #faxbigbrother) to individual faxes and send them to all 100 members of the US Senate.

Imagining the fax-machine mess that is happening right now sorta makes me giggle.

“Smile until you feel better. I call it Kimmying."
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