Life of an International Fan


If you're a K-Pop fan like me, living in America, you may have this issue too. So you're on the Internet or on YouTube and you find a video that has your bias or bias group in it. Of course, you click on it.


Then it happens: No subtitles!


Being the dedicated fan you are, this doesn't stop you. You search for over an hour, maybe longer. If you find it subbed, there is always a part two to the video that you can never find! Ughhhh...Even if you are trying to learn Korean, which I'm sure most of us are, there is no way to learn overnight. I can't be the only one with this issue....right?? This is my first post so and I am having difficulties with picture/ GIF placement..Any tips?? I'd like to know what you guys have to say about this subject. Are there any other issues I should talk about? Let me know in the comments!!

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