The 5 Creepiest Pieces of Dexter Fan Art

Dexter is without a doubt one of the most disturbing shows on TV.

This perfect placement of Dexter's blood samples (which he obtains from his victim's right cheek) also highlights Dexter's disturbing, yet charming smile. The juxtaposition describes the character himself: a serial killer that you can't help but find totally endearing.

An awesome depiction of one of the show's most haunting scenes. Dexter's son has just witnessed his mother's murder, the exact same thing that happened to Dexter as a young child.

I respect the creepy genius that decided to combine Dexter with Dr. Seuss. Dexter's mind is obviously a dark place, but there is an innocence to this piece that, again, plays on the extreme hate and love you feel for Dexter at the same time.

The detail in this one is pretty amazing. The needle's reflection is seriously giving me chills through the computer screen. Of all the Dexter fan art, I like the simple ones with neutral backgrounds and red as the dominate color.

World's Most Killer Dad. How fitting. This one is a chilling reminder that Dexter's raising a child while he goes around town murdering people. Watching one character do both things is horrifying, yet totally intriguing.

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