Girl’s Generation talked about the dating rumors between Won Bin and Sooyoung. The ladies held a press conference for the release of “I Got A Boy“, and when asked about the dating rumors, they responded, “We knew how untrue it was, so we laughed so much about it.” The members also revealed that their first response when hearing about the ‘scandal’ was, “Hul [expression used to convey disbelief, shock, surprise, etc.], Why?” Taeyeon said, “We have a chat room together all the time. We told each other the news and laughed about it. For us, it was so unrealistic that we just laughed about it, but as the person involved [Sooyoung] must have been a little bothered because people kept talking about it.” Sooyoung also spoke up about her feelings at the time, stating, “At first I brushed it off as a bit of fun… I never met him[Won Bin] before and have never been at a similar location as him either… I was shocked, but I did feel good at first… However, rumors kept spreading and articles kept coming out, so my heart didn’t feel so great anymore.” She concluded, “I think it’s a relief that it was cleared up and ended well. I think of it as an honor to have been in a scandal with him, but he isn’t my ideal type,” once again putting an end to the rumors.

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