Eight Beauty Products You Need Before The End Of The Summer

Unfortunately, the summer is coming to a quick end -- but, that doesn't mean your makeup habits have to end as well.

Several beauty lines released amazing products and collections this summer and it's up to you to take full advantage. As the summer closes out, these items will be quickly disappearing from the shelves and you need to make a run for it. From amazing mascaras to colorful makeup organizers -- it's a must that you get your hands on at least a few beauty items before it's too late.

Whether you made a few trips to the beach this summer or you plan on making one before the leaves begin to fall, these eight products will take you far and have you feeling fabulous while the weather is still warm.

Yes To Grapefruit Pore Perfection Paper Mask

Didn't get a chance to make it to the spa this summer? No worries. Try out these amazing paper masks for fresh, glowing skin and minimized pores.

Julep Don't Leave Your Brows At Home

This product is perfect for snatched brows including both a brow powder and angled brush. It's compact enough to fit in your bag to touch them up throughout the day -- if need be. You won't have to ever worry about unruly brows on the go again.


Fresh Sugar Nude Tinted Lip Treatment

If you've had one than you need them all. This nude shade gives you just enough tint and shine while keeping your lips moisturized throughout the day. Who can resist a nude?

NARS Audacious Mascara

NARS never fails with their amazing beauty products. This new mascara has the ability to grab onto every single lash resulting in both length and definition.

MUFE Be Bold. Be Unexpected. Be You. Neutral Palette

This amazing neutral palette is completed with four shades that will leave your eyes pigmented and popping with colors that are guaranteed to last all day long. The motto is serious icing on the cake. Way to go makeup forever!

Gucci Bamboo Perfume

This perfume is the perfect mixture of both floral and woodsy tones with a splash of citrus. Immediately screaming summertime. Just because the summer is winding down doesn't mean you can't wear this yummy scent throughout the remainder of the year.

Sonia Kashuk Spring/Summer 2015 Makeup Collection

If this makeup collection doesn't scream summer than I'm not sure what does. The perfect combination of bright colors and amazing beauty products that will make doing your makeup routine all the more enjoyable.

Body Blender By Beauty Blender

If you've fallen in love with your beauty blender, behold the body blender. This specific rendition of the beauty blender allows you to apply your self tanner, lotions and contour your body easily.


Ladies, what beauty products have you purchased so far this summer?

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