Ant-Man Trailer Gets Homemade Shot-for-Shot Remake

Be Kind Rewind

With that short (not really short at all) history lesson out of the way, the sweding of movies became a "thing" on the Internet. And the Ant-Man trailer is the latest thing to get sweded that actually caught my attention.

To be honest with you, I wasn't expecting to enjoy this at all. After everyone on YouTube tried to swede their favorite movies, I got tired of seeing some of my favorites get destroyed by people I've never met. And when I started watching this trailer, I figured I'd sit through it and laugh and feel a little embarrassed having wasted a couple minutes on it.

But I had the exact opposite reaction. There's something heartwarming about everything in the trailer, from the silly acting, to the toys standing in for the CGI, and the sort-of homemade version of Paul Rudd. And, you know, it made me want to see the whole movie this way -- even though that would probably take forever to make.


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