My workout.

I hate liars.

I'm not materialistic.

I'm not a morning person.

Yep, me.

I am clumsy, off balance, walk into walls, trip on air, kick everything only when I'm barefoot, and laugh at myself about it.

I'm an Introvert. I sit quietly, listen to the world around me, and take it all in without saying a single word.

I have so much patience. But, if you cross into my personal space to judge, hurt, or try to destroy me or those I love, you will regret it. I promise you.

I'm not racist.

I defend those who cannot defend themselves.

I have 3 beautiful kids that I pick on. They pick back! We have so much fun together! I'm a total goofball and I will mess with you!

I have bad dreams all the time.

I have feelings, emotions, thoughts, and dreams just like everyone else. I don't judge others I don't know. I have a great heart and soul and I will help anyone who needs it, but I am easily taken for granted.

I have a sense of humor. Pj's are awesome! Sleep is wonder when I get it. I will Adult, but I will pout about it. Come into my comfort zone and we will hang out! You don't like me? Not my problem. I have an heirloom bra! It's white! You want to give me the last piece of pizza??? I love you! Next time you get the last 2 pieces!!!

A Mom, daughter, food lover, and biggest critic of myself.
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