Five Men Who Make Man Buns Look Amazing

Man Bun (n.) - a man who wears his hair in a bun, as would a woman

You've seen them walking on the same streets you walk and you can't help but stare. I'm talking about men wearing the newest trend -- the man bun. Yes, you read that correct. The days of women being then only ones wearing buns are long gone and you should be exciting.

Excuse me while I clean up my drool. Similar to beards, man buns are so drool worthy. This is one trend that I am here for. If you're about hesitant about this new brewing trend -- please allow me to reel you in by introducing you to these five men who make man buns looks absolutely amazing. Try your best not to drool.

Just in case you're unfamiliar with the trendy phenomena.


Are you mesmerized yet? Man buns and beards for the win!

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