Hey guys! Welcome to my 2nd obsession wednesday! Yay paksu!!!! So okay guys last week my obsession was Crush's new song Oasis. The song is still my fav at the moment but i have 2 songs this week that i am totally obsessed with. Lets see shall we!

Well, you guys already know if you read my past card about my fav non-idol(?) artist that im in serious love with Verbal jint. So this was inevitable to have a song of his on my obsession list. For one this song is double A+ for this collab. I love Sanchez's voice because its somewhat unique from what im used to since listening to Korean music. Another A+ for Verbal jint's slight singing also. Man i love it when he sings!! The song is really smooth and a great song to relax to after a loooonggg day. The lyrics are also very story telling like. ( i like when music tells me a story) .

Verbal Jint oppa's weirdness still showed through the video also with his weird eating and his famous blank face that make you wonder if he is confused or not. That is why i love this guy. He has so much swagger in his voice but when you see him you be wondering if he is from the same planet. Was it only me when i heard this song I was screaming oppa I'd love listening to hiphop with you while doin it. Leave her im here!! ㅋㅋㅋ sorry but still the lyrics are a bit different and it gives me an insight on what story he tellin. Also the chorus is catchy!! I mean who doesnt love to here a smooth song about a girl who only cares about his...... yeah making bread. Haha I can go on and on about how much i love this song and him but that be a novel of fangirl rubbish ㅋㅋㅋ So check Verbal Jints song Doin it with Sanchez from Phantom

Alright next is G.Soul's Stop running from love. okay okay this song is in english but it still gives me goosebumps. I absolutely love his voice and his music. I mad JYP hid this gewl from us forever but glad that he finally gave us this great singer. The song is really beautiful though it only have a couple of lines and most of them are repeated. The song hits home for me since it gives me courage to love again but ya know me i rather be alone for now. ㅋㅋ The song is simple yet it makes me think.

I think those whom been in a situation where you loved someone who is scared to love again or you yourself was scaref to try love would feel this song on a deeper level though the lyrics are simple. He makes the song feel so beautiful the way he sings it and convey his feelings when live. I honestly absolutely love this song so check it out! Check out the videos below!:

Verbal Jint 'DOIN' IT' ft. Sanchez of Phantom

G.Soul 'Stop running from love'


So what ya guys think of this weeks obsession? Do you also love these song? Have any other suggestions for me to listen to? If so leave it in the comment section. It might be in next weeks obsession. See ya guys!

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