I know coke Is bad for you but yes I still love coke.

it's so bad and so good all at the same time, even knowing all this It won't chance me from drinking it. there was info page I tried to add to this that tells what it does to your blood stream after u drink it . and it very scary , but I still won't stop, I have seen it be used to clean acid of a car battery, still wont stop, all I have to think about is how that first ice cold sip tastes, and that's all I need. I hope to post better in the future, please bare with me.

I have become a k-drama freak and I'm happier for it, friends and most of my family (I have my 18 years ago hooked, ha ha) just think I'm going over board but im just loving it, and as one thing leads to another im also getting into k-pop, I have 268 songs downloaded on my phone and broken into three playlists, im not even close to being done yet. ^-^
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