M.I.T: My Ideal Tattoos

Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo? I have... the thought is scary but exciting at the same time. The thought of getting a beautiful, crazy, awesome, cool, or inspiring/meaningful tattoo, is amazing. Here are some awesome tattoo designs that I'm considering of getting, and their meanings or reasons for getting it. ***Some I created myself/design it with the help of the PicsArt app***

The first one, is designed by me through PicsArt, and second one was from PicsArt's tattoo section. Both are neat and meaningful tattoos, the first is more special to me because I'm an artistic person, why? I dance, draw, sing, and act... The design says 'Arts' and that stands for 'A Reason To Survive', makes sense doesn't it? The second one, well it looks cool, not gonna lie there, but it can have a meaning too, I just haven't figured it out yet. These two tattoos would go in both my wrist if I ever get them.

I love the tattoos behind the ears, they look awesome... besides these two, I also wanted to get a tattoo of my signature in my right ear... which I thought it would be creative.

Shoulder tattoos: ROSES... my family's last name is 'de la Rosa' which it literally translates to 'of the Rose'... Not gonna lie, it looks pretty awesome to have a rose tattoo on a shoulder like the second picture.

These two are self explanatory where I want to get them... sorry if the first one looks inappropriate.

Now these two tattoos, I want, but I don't know where to get them done. The first one is my homeland's name with Mayan pyramid. Why? Because, that's the place I was born, and I miss, but live in the U.S. Second one, is a beautiful and really detailed design, looks pretty cool.

I love, love, love the minions especially Bob, because he's cute, and he has two different color eyes... but also I want it because I'm known for being short like the minions, and because of my username. Also not sure where to get them done, but I'm thinking it could go on my ankles.

Many people already have the first tattoo, but I still want it because it says what I believe in; So is the second one 'FAITH'... man, I got a thing for roses, don't I? Well, this is all for now, and why I want to get these tattoos, I hoped you guys liked it. ARE ANY OF YOU INTERESTED IN TATTOOS???? Credits to: PicsArt, Pinterest, Google, and Instagram.

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