Start Practicing These Back-to-School Hairstyles

It's not too early to start prepping for back-to-school hair makeover. Like I mentioned in my previous post, changing up your hairstyle is the cheapest way to update your look. You don't have to spend money on new clothes at all!

So, let's start the new school year with a freshly-styled hair.

For Mid-Long Hair

Try MakeupWearables' 3 easy back-to-school hairstyles that'll take you no longer than 5 minutes.

Fashion styling tip:

For Curly Hair

So, you kept your hair up all summer? Then it's time let it down and let your curls bounce this school year. Leahallyannah shows you several FUN and Easy ways to rock your curls.

Fashion styling tip:

For Short Hair

Just got a haircut or is planning to get a haircut? Here are few ideas for your new 'do. No Sweat. No stress. It's ridiculously easy!

Fashion styling tip:

I'll be doing a few more back-to-school hairstyle series, so stick around! :)

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