5 Healthy Snacks To Sneak Into a Movie Theater

A majority of people are guilty of doing it at some point in time. I'm sorry but I cannot justify paying $10 for popcorn, $7 for candy, and another $5 for a small drink. Try and save some money and calories with these healthy snack options.

Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn

This snack is only 35 calories per cup, which makes it a healthy alternative to movie theater popcorn. It's ingredients include sunflower oil and sea salt, which makes this snack a lower sodium popcorn compared to other brands.

Dry Cereal

You can never go wrong with putting some in a ziplock bag and tucking it into your purse. Make sure to grab cereals that aren't loaded with sugar, but filled with whole grains and fibers.


These nuts are both crunchy and tasty, and it's definitely healthier than grabbing those chocolate covered raisins you were eyeing at the counter.


Refreshing, sweet and really satisfying. Is there more to say?

Kale Chips

If you ever tried kale chips, you're fully aware that they are thin and coated with delicious seasonings. They have tons of healthy ingredients and perfect for munching on during a movie. My favorite brands are Brad's Raw Chips and New York Naturals Kale Chips.

Any other snacks worth mentioning?

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