#ThrowbackThursday fashion edition: The Parent Trap

The iconic movie, The Parent Trap, turned 17 years old yesterday, which makes me feel incredibly old, and I'm not sure I'm okay with that feeling. Anyway, here is a trip down memory lane to look at the fashion from The Parent Trap.


Ah, the woman who could never dress appropriately for any occasion. Her style can best be described as unnecessarily sophisticated. When you are on a camping trip with two kids and your fiance, it's best to not wear the same outfit you would wear to your 30-minute spin class. If you hanging out at a pool, don't wear the same outfit that you would wear to the Kentucky Derby. Meredith was always dressed to impress, even when it was absolutely unnecessary.

Elizabeth James

Where Meredith was unnecessarily sophisticated, Elizabeth knew when to dress casually and when to go for a more sophisticated look. She dresses casually at the ranch, but turns on the sophistication at her wedding dress shop. She also dresses with an air of elegance and effortlessness that is unparalleled.

Annie and Hallie

Growing up in different countries definitely had an impact on Annie and Hallie's styles. Hallie, who grew up in California, dresses in the stereotypical '90s style: jean jackets, plaid and t-shirts. Annie, who grew up in England, dresses a little differently. She goes for more of a European style with a matching pantsuit, form-fitting sweatpants and collared shirts.

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