Picking The Perfect Hair Brush

When it comes to picking out a hair brush, you may feel like choosing the first one you see on the shelves, and calling it a day. But, there's a reason why there are so many options. Whether it's bigger bristles, or a longer handle, different brushes will benefit your hair in different ways.

Paddle Brush

Ideal for scalp stimulation, detangling, and rough drying.

Teasing Brush

Adds volume, gives hair a "fuller" look, and great for updos and buns.

Straightening Brush

Assists in straightening and grabs hair so little coordination is needed.

Natural Bristle Paddle

Great for straightening and smoothing.

Small Natural Bristle

Ideal for smoothing bangs down and short hair.

Medium Diagonal Bristle

Perfect for making waves, adding volume, and defining layers.

Large Mixed Bristle

Easier to guide with subtle bend, generates fullness, and helps with straightening.

Vent Brush

Antistatic and quick drying.

Vented Metal Round

Adding lift, curling the ends of your hair, swoop/curtain bangs, and speed blowdrying.

Extension Brush

Looped bristles won’t catch on extensions and helps with blowdrying process.

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