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My Facebook is Jessica Fields Chaney and the picture with the sunburnt face. Kakao is pinkkpopper31, line is punkkpopper31, kik kpopper31, Instagram i_dont_care_about_that, vine Jessica Chaney, Twitter JFC3344, tumblr just-know-that-youre-not-alone, Skype Jessica Chaney Chaney, snapchat prettybookworm, Gmail: jchaney1999@gmail.com, iCloud jessicafieldsltd@icloud.com

I hope to change this and sorry for such a long card! Credits to the owners of the pictures.

I'm 17 and I LOVE KPOP!!!!! I'm considered a weirdo by all my friends, except one who is really into JPop, and my family also call me a weirdo. I was hoping to meet other people my age and within the general vicinity of me who also love KPOP.😀😀😀
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