Crafty Summer Wind Chimes - DIY

It still surprises me sometimes how the weather can change in a flash in the summertime in Chicago. Maybe it's just a Midwest thing. Not sure. My mom collects wind chimes, and though I doubt this would be a considered a collectible, it's a fun way to get the kids to get crafty and make something that can be affected by weather and wind patterns.


Soft plastic lid (approx. 4 inches in diameter)

3-7 ice cream spoons

5 plastic packaging strips (from boxes of paper, FedEx Office has tons)

3-7 rubber bands

2 small bells

4 feathers

Several empty acorns and beechnuts

Hama beads


Craft knife




Nylon and cord

Cut out the center of lid and punch 12 holes around the outside edge.

Wrap the spoons with the rubber bands.

Use the needle to make a hole in the plastic strips. Cut a 7 inch piece of nylon and knot them.

Cut some longer nylon (13 inches) and knot it to the beechnut. Thread some hama beads.

Knot a hama bead with cord and stick a feather in it. Add a second bead to affix it.

Prepare all the strings.

Cut 2 pieces of nylon (18 inches each) and lace them crosswise through 4 holes in the lid. Make a knot at the end of all the pieces of nylon. Now add the spoons, feathers, and plastic strips as you like. Make sure to vary the lengths a bit. The string with the bells should come through the middle. Cut the nylon and cord.

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