Crucumber Cocktail

Sure, cucumbers are a summertime staple for eats and such, but what about treats? Yes, cocktails are treats! CRU, a restaurant in Nantucket has been serving the "CRUcumber" since they opened in 2012, with their signature beverage ranking the most-requested cocktail.

But I'm a long way from the East Coast.

If you're like me, and you want to try it, you can. They just released their recipe and method.


2 oz. Zubrowska Bison Grass vodka

1 oz. Fresh cucumber puree

.75 oz. Fresh lemon juice


1 lemon balm leaf

Sesame Simple Syrup:

Toast sesame seeds until golden brown. Add to equal parts: hot water and sugar. Strain to remove seeds.


1. Slap lemon leaf (to release essence)

2. In a shaker, drop the ingredients and SHAKE UNCONTROLLABLY (do not add ice to shaker)

3. Strain into a cocktail glass (no ice) or serve on the rocks in a tumbler glass.

Now, where the heck am I supposed to find lemon balm leaf?!!?!?!?

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