☆Coin Locker Girl ☆



Kim Go Eun plays a young teenage girl who carries out missions for the boss of a loan shark company, that is also her "adoptive" mother( Kim Hye Soo). When Go Eun was born she was placed in a locker where she was taken away to work under very violent and abusive conditions. Growing up there she became a stone cold killer.

She encounters a young teenage boy (Park Bo Gum) on one of her rounds and slowly starts to change due to his never ending optimism and kindness (even though she is meant to collect the debt his father left behind for him, though he has no money whatsoever). Her "family" starts to notice her change in personality and realize they need to end it.

This movie was really good and I will not lie, if your a baby like me, your gonna cry your eyes out. It's worth it to see this action packed thriller, give it a shot, you won't regret it xD *I do not own these beautiful pics and gifs*.

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