Chanyeol rude body language....

The gesture consists of holding up your hand to your head with your pinky finger on your forehead while your thumb is to your tongue. This gesture in Korea means “em chang” which can be directly translated as “whore mother.” This gesture is mostly popular among elementary through high school students when a person is telling their friends to trust what they are saying. In Korean, it literally means that, “if I’m wrong, my mother is a whore.”

[+339, -51] It seem that Suho, Chen, and Kai are nice in my eyes but Sehun, Baekhyun, and Chanyeol are always causing trouble haha Other guys are quiet but only these guys are always involved in stuff. [+267, -43] You can’t really say it is PhotoShop because the skin color is the same with his chin facing up with his tongue out. Also, his shirt crumpling and wrinkled like that, you can’t deny it. And the fact that his tongue actually comes out, you can’t defend him. Stop denying and saying it is PhotoShop and comment on this properly and try to find the original. [+257, -39] Who likes idols that insult and cuss their own parents

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