5 Hugely Successful People Who Failed In Their 20's

If your twenties feel like a giant mess you're not alone. Lots of hugely successful people screwed up in their twenties, and that means you're going to be okay.

Here are the stories of 5 massively successful people that took the rocky path during their twenties.

1. Walt Disney

His 20's:

His Legacy:74.9 Billion Dollar empire

2. J.K. Rowling

Her 20's:welfare

Her Legacy:net worth of 1 Billion dollars, and a brand worth of 15 Billion.

3. Abe Lincoln

His 20'sdefeated by a zillion votes in the election for the Illinois General Assembly

His Legacy:emancipated the slaves and reunited the Union

4. Steve Jobs

dropped out of college

worth 41.6 Billion dollars

5. Katy Perry

(Shoutout To Left Shark)

Katy was dropped from Columbia Records

worth 125 Million dollars and has had 6 number one singles.

So don't fret if things are hard. There's a whole lot of living left to do! Keep working, keep living and never let people convince you that you're not worth it! Your success may be just around the corner.

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