You Make Me Proud: A Letter To My Future Self

Hello Miss Lady,

I see you're doing great. You followed those dreams you always had planned out. You didn't let them fester and go to waste. I commend you. Not a lot of people can say that they followed their heart and made their dreams a reality. What a wonderful feeling that must be. I know you went through a lot the last couple of years, but it all made you stronger in the end. You're gorgeous. If only I knew now, what I'm bound to learn in the future -- all will be well.

That guy you fell for when you first moved to the Big Apple -- girl, he wasn't worth your tears. Look at the man you're with now. He's handsome and respectful. He treats you like a Queen. You were so used to falling so fast and falling for anybody that you never quite seemed to realize your worth. It took you awhile, but wouldn't you say it was worth the wait? Worth the stress? Worth finding yourself? How does it feel to have someone by your side who genuinely loves you for you? If only I could find someone who feels that way about me now, but I'll remain patient.

I'm so proud of you for finally publishing your first book. That's a huge step and you didn't let anything get in your way. You're an award winning journalist and you seem to be doing great for yourself. Your writing is excellent. I guess we had to start from the bottom to get you to where you are today. You're living the life, but what's most important is that you're genuinely happy. I'm so glad because the struggle was so real. Finding true happiness is never easy, but like everything else -- you made it happen.

I appreciate you for never forgetting where you came from or what made you the woman you are today. You make me so proud and give me something to look forward to. If nobody else believes in, I believe in you. I promise I won't let you down.

You got this.

We got this.

With Love Always,

Your Former Self <3

currently getting lost somewhere in the concrete jungle. vegetarian foodie, book lover, brunch junkie & aspiring journalist making my dreams a reality. welcome to my world.
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