Wonder Woman Starts Filming Soon!

There's no doubt: This movie is FINALLY on the way!


[Patty] Jenkins is in London prepping Wonder Woman, which will shoot there this autumn. Suicide Squad, already well underway in Toronto under the earthy gaze of [David] Ayer, will shoot through to September. “I do watch the dailies,” she promises, enthusing about the film’s “street quality.” They are already doing soft prep for the Justice League, which will begin shooting in the spring, and overseeing the script for Aquaman, which James Wan will direct.

There's really only one thing to say: it's about damn time!


Marvel has been on a winning streak lately, producing high-quality films year after year.

But wow, are they not doing a great job in the diversity department

And they're doing what Marvel has been too afraid to do: They're giving us a major film starring a female superhero


And that's not all.

Look at what she's doing! We've barely seen anything, but we know from the trailer that Wonder Woman is going to be totally BRUTAL


Yea-? Okay, yeah.

Sony leak

Oh wow, three movies released decades apart.

Because those failures were all flukes, right?


No more of that nonsense!

I am fully prepared for the Wonder Woman movie to blow us all away. This character is such a significant part of comic book history and the women's liberation movement, she's so much more than the hero we need right now. She's the one we deserve.

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