Is Your Salad Really Healthy?

The salad, it's the go to meal for diets, summer bodies, or just trying to eat light. But while we all might have the best intentions at heart, whats in our bowl may not actually be all that good for us!

Here are just a few tips to ensure you aren't actually wasting your time with salads that are just as bad (and not nearly as tasty) as french fries.

Do not use iceberg lettuce

Yes, the crunch rocks but this lettuce has almost no nutritional value and even though it still is low in calories, that does not make it healthy. Plus, it just tastes like nothing! To make an iceberg salad taste good you need globs of dressing which is a sure fire way to hike up the calories and fat count.

Look for dark green leaves instead. Mixed greens are amazing and if you really need the crunch add some romaine!

The added crunchies

Yes, who doesn't love croutons and those fried tortilla strips. I mean they seriously make the salad...but they also make it super bad for you. If you add those you might as well just eat a burger for dinner and stop denying yourself!

Instead of the unhealthy crunch, add a few nuts or beans (almonds, sunflower seeds, roasted beans are my fav) and you'll get the best of both worlds.


Making salad into a meal is super easy if you add some grilled chicken, shrimp or steak. But the key to that is making sure the portion is correct. You don't want to pile your salad so high with meat that the delicious and healthy veggies suddenly become an after thought.

Also any meat that is friend is a no, but you guys know that.

Make sure everything is grilled and even switch up the protein by using chickpeas or black beans or even a hard boiled egg!

The Dressing

One serving of dressing is 2 tablespoons WHICH IS NOT ENOUGH FOR ANYONE.

Avoid creamy dressing for the most part (you can cheat every once and a while).

When out to eat always ask for dressing on the side. Places usually drown salads.

If you try balsamic without the Oil you will be saving yourself a ton!

I once used a puree avocado, cilantro and lime juice dressing and it was awesome and healthy so feel free to experiment with your own dressings!

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