Keep Searching: A Letter From My Future Self

Decided to spin@JordanHamilton 's card a little differently and instead write from the perspective of my Future Self, talking to myself now.

Alright, I'll make this brief because I know you're busy, and you're probably exhausted.

Hey There Old Friend,

I know that some days you get up and hate the sun for shining in your hostile little face

In the future, all of that becomes irrelevant. I'm not going to reveal any details to you for your own good, so you can enjoy the journey...take the ride...whatever.

You've never been one to hold on to things, and people have always been secondary to your ambition. I want you to know that your appreciation for those around you will increase, you'll grow into your humanity and create something long-lasting for yourself.

The immortality you long for is just around the corner, you just have to keep working.

Nothing in life is certain or free...that you already know, but just make sure that you stick to your guns. If you do, there will be great rewards ahead of you.

I know it's hard to look into the sun without burning your eyes, but somehow you do that.

your writing has changed lives

Your words have saved lives. They've fueled revolutions, inspired a new batch of righteous and venom-filled female journalists. You still make music, and even that's taking off.

All of your dreams will come true if you let them.

I can't say that you're truly happy or satisfied though, your heart still longs for something it cannot name and you'll always be a bit of a loner. Your guts won't change, even though life will.

Have faith in that. Your courage of conviction and your willingness to leap off of the highest cliffs without any safety net will serve you.

Remember that in order to fly, you've got to fall.

The future is bulletproof, and it's coming, so get used to it.Trust the Gonzo. Jump off the cliff, you'll thank me.

I'll give you my regards when you deserve them,

Keep Searching.

Your Future Self,

Thank you@jordanhamilton for the prompt

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