4 Bad Habits From College You Have To Kick NOW

College is a time where anything goes and nothing is sacred. Studying and going to class, at times, take a back seat to "recreational" activities.

You gain a lot of wisdom in college, but you also pick up some bad habits. Here are a few you need to get rid of. And Here's how:


1. Ordering In all the time / Eating out too much

Here in adult-land it's effing expensive to eat out all the time. And you've got to save your cash.


2. Eating Fast Food all the time

Eating like a bro for the rest of your life will lead to heart disease, high blood pressure and just general laziness.


3. Partying 5 nights a week and drinking like a fish

It's not cute or fun to go out all the time...it's a problem


4. Sleeping in and missing things / being late

If you claim you never slept through a class by accident, you're a dirty liar. In college it was okay to miss things...you roll in late, sit down, take your class, pass it...whatever. It didn't matter, as long as you didn't fail.

In life, being late or missing things will make you lose your job.

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Go fourth and kick these habits! Your adult self will thank you.

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