Growing Up Puerto Rican In Miami

Growing up Puerto Rican in Miami can be a growing pain, but also really fun...

Where Are All The Puerto Rican Restaurants?

Miami is known to having a large Latin American presence, but its Cuban-American influence is impressive. You'll find a hard time finding a Puerto Rican restaurant, but you can probably find a Cuban place to eat at least a mile away from you.

"Pastelillos" v.s. "Empanadas"

When we get down to the nitty-gritty, these two things are just about the same. Pastelillos are just smaller, in comparison to empanadas.

While you call them pastelillos, everyone else calls them empanadas. But as a Puerto Rican, you don't want to confuse anyone -- so you just end up calling them empanadas, anyway.


You Underestimate How Many Puerto Ricans Are In Miami...

Until you hit up the Calle Ocho Parade, and you're just like "where they F*#*! did all of y'all come from?!


Explaining What Coquito Is

You tell people it's a Puerto Rican version of eggnog, but you know it's so much better than eggnog. It's loaded with rum, with a hint of coconut. It's everything you ever want in a coconut-rum drink.


You Get To Learn All Kinds of Street Slang...

"Que bola"

"Vamos pues"

"Casa del carajo"

You're Spanish might be sh*tty, but you'll always remember the Spanish slangs.

Being Puerto Rican in Miami is an awesome thing to be!

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