Create a K-drama! Challenge

We have all seen a lot of K-dramas and know the typical story lines and plot twists.

your ownYOU

Let's give this a shot shall we? XD

Here's how the challenge works:






Step 1. Select your male main lead.

This can be any male K-drama actor that you can think of! If you have felt the terrible pain of the dreaded Second Lead Syndrome, now is your chance to make things right!

Step 2. Select your female main lead.

This one might be a bit hard since there are so many amazing female K-drama actresses out there but try to focus on who would have good on-screen chemistry with the main male lead.

Step 3. Select your second male lead.

You know that one male lead you absolutely despised because they stole the girl away from the poor second lead? Well, you can change the game and make them the second lead now. Hahaha!

[Optional] Step 4. Select the female second lead.

If your K-drama game is strong, your probably know quite a bit of those annoying second female leads who make things hell for the main couple. But this is optional.

Step 5. Select a setting where most of the story happens.

The characters of a K-drama are quite important, but so is the setting. It determines how the story will go and adds a lot to the entertainment factor of the drama itself. Is it going to be a serious office or a casual cafe? A police station or a high school? If you want to be creative, come up with a setting you've never seen in a K-drama before. Like the whole story can take place at a zoo if you want. LOL

Step 6. Select a plot twist.

You all know what I am talking about. A K-drama is never complete without a plot-twist. You could go for the accident, study abroad, amnesia, etc. could come up with your own new plot twist. Isn't it about time we saw a zombie apocalypse in a K-drama?

Step 7. Write a short K-drama summary.

Breathe! It doesn't have to be a novel (unless you want to write one, which is totally cool). Just write a short story on where and how the characters would meet. What are their jobs? How do they fall in love? What happens with the second lead? What plot twist happened and how does it separate the main leads? Do they end up together? Does the second lead win the girl instead? Is there finally a zombie apocalypse?


My K-Drama (Don't judge it too harshly, lol)

This is a just a very minimal example to get the ball rolling for you guys! :)

Kim Woo Bin and Hyeri are doctors at a hospital. Woo Bin is a 4D doctor who everyone questions because he seems too clumsy to be a doctor. Hyeri is the smart and composed doctor. Of course, these two totally fall for each other while they are both working the emergency rounds at the hospital but don't confess to each other just yet. *Dun Dun Dun* Time for second lead entry. So Ji Sub joins as the new head of the Emergency Department and within a few days there's a *Plot Twist* ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE all across the country. What does that mean? Tons of new emergency cases. Kim Woo Bin finally gets his act together and starts to be a good doctor and Hyeri totally gets ready to confess but right before she can do it, So Ji Sub confesses to her. Just as Hyeri starts to get confused, So Ji Sub gets attacked by a zombie and turns into one himself. So he gives up on Hyeri and Hyeri and Woo Bin live happily ever after as zombie hunters.

Don't even ask me why or how I came up with this.

Make your story as short or long, funny or serious as you want! I want to read it! ^_^

I hope you guys will help me start of this challenge and encourage more K-drama fans to participate.@chandnip804@sherrysahar@StephanieDuong@Taijiotter@netchtiBates@TatiCee@serbshavemofun@AngelJoong86@terenailyn@szewwy@KiKi29@nenithsunico@christy@yaka89@Nonabisi@VixenViVi@caitlind9898@MinionPeach17@PrettieeEmm@nokita@FabiolaGavina@ninachan@CandaceJordan@PaigeBennish@SharayahTodd@najalong1998@hyunsaeng638@jluma21@NeetaVilatte@majesticx@Rhia@xxchicharitoxx@SunnyV@larosamong@PamelaPenaloza@fourstargeneral@WonnieLee@AshleyRobbins@NoelleKimberly@Lov3lyLady3m@melifluosmelodi@DianaCastaneda@charmander21@Aripendragon@LupeGavina@hyunsaeng638@SakuraBlossom96@stevieq@aishalakshmi@maria213@AshleyRobbins@beulasilk1@DianaKim1996@MAYRARUIZ1@AviaTaylor@codieavienne@KpopGirl17@hannou@lamrotamrot@DetkaN@heidichiesa@beulasilk1@AsianInvasion97@kpoploves@deela0@KiKi29@k8wnba20@MoraimaMorales@CarmenMRey@deemonster100

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