Snail Racers For Kids - Printable DIY

This is for the REALLY young kiddos. I found this cute printable DIY from Handmade Charlotte, which is chock-full of cute diy projects for kids and adults too!

Supplies for this project:

Card stock

Wooden skewers

Scissors1/8-inch & 1/16-inch hole punches (optional, but helpful)

Utility Scissors (optional, but helpful)

download here

Step 1

Print the Snail Racers on card stock and cut out the double-snail rectangles. Fold the racers in half to make them double sided.

Step 2

Punch the the folded snails with an 1/8-inch hole punch. You can use the pointed end of skewer, but it can bend the card stock, so I don’t recommend this method.

The holes on the snails needs to be loose enough for the skewers to turn and twist easily in the hole, but the skewer should not move too much. A standard 1/4-inch punch will not work.

Step 3

Punch the the wheels with an 1/16-inch hole punch or use the pointed end of skewer to carefully make a hole without bending the card stock. If you’re using a tiny punch, you will still need to use the skewer to make the hole a little larger.

The holes on the wheels need to be snug so they don’t turn and twist on the skewers.

You’ll notice that the spot marked for punching isn’t centered. This will help your snails bounce as they race!

Step 4

Use utility scissors to cut the skewers into 2-inch sections. And adult should do this part. Use caution because the pieces can sometimes fly!

Step 5

Slide a skewer piece through the punched holes of the snail, then slip a wheel on each side. Repeat with each set of wheels.

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