How To Make Watercolor Dishes

Sooo, maybe this isn't something you'd do to your fine china. I mean, let's get real, who wants to eat from a blob of paint? WELL, LET ME TELL YOU, THE KIDS DO!!!! I fell in love with these because they sort of remind me of constellations and galaxies. I think these would be super cute as jewelry trays. What would you use these for?

Supplies needed:


Porcelain paint

Paint brush


1. Dip your paint brush into the paint. Don't be scared of it, get a good amount on your brush.

2. Start to dab it onto one quarter of the plate. You're just getting the paint in the right place for now so don't worry about how it looks yet.

3. Once you have a good amount of paint on the plate dip your brush into the water and start to drip it onto the edge of the paint towards the empty space.

4. Keep adding more water until the paint starts to thin at the edge and begins to run into the rest of the plate.

5. Tilt the plate so that the paint runs around it in an organic pattern.

6. Add more water and tilt the plate again. Make sure to let the paint run back to the original section of the plate so that there is a heavy build up at one point. Keep the plate propped up so that the paint naturally runs back to this point.

7. Leave the paint to dry for 10 minutes and then tilt it around again. Repeat this step until you're happy with the design. Tilt the paint so that it runs back to the darkest point and leave to dry overnight.

8. Once dried bake the plates on a low heat for 45 minutes. This step technically, optional, however, since SO MUCH water was used for this tutorial, you want to ensure the paint is set permanently!

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