[Imagine] Just Friends?

@VIPforever123 I'm sorry if there are some mistakes or if it wasn't good. I literally got in to my fanfic mood (this was I think like 4 pages on Word Document) But hope you like it :)

Oh, I also used images and/or gifs to demonstrate the feelings or actions conveyed.

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After weeks waiting for a reply, the message came. In excitement you held your phone tightly while jumping over the walls. You heard a popping noise. You unlocked your phone noticing that there was another message.

From: Suho Oppa <3

Emily, I’m sorry that I haven’t replied to your messages. You know how busy I am. How about I take you out tonight as an apology?

From: Suho Oppa <3

Are you there?

Of course you are there, duh. But what could you say? You both never went out together since you were cautious about causing him problems with his agency. But you are "just friends" so, why not? You replied:

To: Suho Oppa <3

Yes, I’m here pabo-ya and I understand, comebacks and concerts; you’re a very busy man. Any who, are you suggesting on taking me on a date?

You blushed at your own reply. Could it be that he was suggesting on taking you on a date? Nah, it’s not like you both are a couple. Another message came in, causing your cheeks to flush on a dark shade of red.

From: Suho Oppa <3

If that’s how you want to put it, then sure ;)

How could a man be such a tease? You thought and replied:

To: Suho Oppa <3

Ya! Just...pick me up later, okay?! Pabo.

Your heart began beating aggressively, causing you pain. You questioned the reason for the behavior. It couldn’t be Suho since he is your best friend. Or is it that it’s the first you’re actually going out with him after he became an idol? Either way, it shouldn’t be a big deal since it’s just a meet up as "friends".


The clock struck 8:00 PM. It seemed like Suho was late and it only made you wonder if he was going to leave you hanging. You have been waiting all day for this moment that you’d be very disappointed if he let you down like this.

The doorbell rung and you sped to the door, opening it revealing a smiling man. “Hello Emily, ready to go?” His smile melted your heart. You’ve longed to him in person that it just seems so unreal as he stands in front of you.

You noticed a hand waving in front of your face. “Earth to Emily.” You snapped out of your thoughts and shyly glanced at him. “Ready?” You slightly nodded causing Suho to chuckle.

He closed the door behind you as he opened the car door for you. You slid in quickly to avoid eye contact. As he boarded on the car, you sat frozen on your seat from nervousness. He chuckled as he reached towards the seat belt causing your eyes to widen at the action. He glanced up at you after he buckled your seat belt and softly pinched your nose. “Cute.”

You touched your nose and blushed like never before. Sighing, you fanned yourself as it was becoming hot for you while Suho chuckled. “If you’re hot then you could’ve asked me to turn on the A/C.” He turned on the A/C while driving, but for some reason, you never noticed how handsome he looked in casual clothing. You were used to seeing him wearing extravagant wardrobe. Of course, his airport fashion could’ve been casual, but it seemed different in this occasion. You’re not looking at Suho, a worldwide-known idol, but Kim Junmyeon.

He turned to you feeling the stares from your gleaming eyes. “Like what you see?” You snapped away from your thoughts and blushed.

“Oppa, stop it.” You lightly punched his arm.

“What? You were staring at me with those beautiful eyes, so I thought you liked the view.” He winked at you only causing you to blush harder. “Well strawberry cheeks, we have arrived to our destination.”

You looked around recognizing the place. “Hey is this-” the door on your side opened as Suho unbuckled your seat belt.

As you got off the car, he covered your eyes. “Do you trust me?” You slightly nodded confused. He walked slowly as he could watching towards his surroundings, making sure you won’t trip. A smile plastered on your face reminiscing a similar scene before him and you separated ways.

“So we are here. Ready to see this?” You nodded as you felt his hands slip off your face.

You couldn’t believe your eyes. The entrance had an arch that had a jasmine plant with tiny white flowers and also hanging from the arch was some glass bubble-shaped bowls with vanilla scent candles. Upon entering was the botanical garden that Suho had taken you a while back.

“This is beautiful Junmyeon!” Unconsciously, you hugged him causing him to tense up. “I’ve missed this place a lot and coming back with you...I’m speechless!” He slowly wrapped his arms around you, fully engulfing you in his arms. You felt him squeeze you, maybe a bit too much but you knew that he longed to hug you as well.


The both of you walked around the garden admiring the flowers when Suho stopped you from moving forward. You gazed at him in confusion when he took out a red velvet box. In seconds, your mind invaded with proposal thoughts but how could that be when you are just "friends".

He took out a necklace with an angel charm. Your face screamed in awe from a precious piece of jewelry, although you weren’t sure why he chose the angel charms, but it sure was a very detailed and thoughtful.

Smiling, he placed the necklace around your neck while leaning towards your ear whispering, “Let me be your guardian angel.” You turned and captured a glimpse of him smiling while waiting for a response. After clipping the necklace, he turned to you, “After so many years, I yearned and hoped to see you. Even if we messaged each other when we had time, it made no difference. But now that I have you, standing face-to-face, I want you to be my one and only girl."

Tears fell from your eyes as you embraced Suho with all your might, whispering, “You’ll always and forever be my one and only guardian angel.” Suho moved some hair behind your ear when his hand tilted your chin and sealed his lips to yours as butterflies soared through the garden beautifully at the start of a new beautiful relationship.

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