Kpop Imagine!! [Requested]

This one goes to the sweet@AimeeH I hope you like it ^^ I just did it today, I tried my best like always :) Let me know what you think in the comments XD

Imagine this...Your friend moves into town so you wanted to throw a welcome party. You invite all your friends, and your friends invite their friends, and some people that you don’t even know. You went all out with the decorations, every corner of the house has been done. The food has been hand-made by you, you even ordered takeout just in case lol. As far as wardrobe, you wanted to look nice for the guests, you didn’t get all dressy but you did you look nice, with light makeup.

Around 6 p.m. is when the guest starts to arrive. As you predicted half of them are people you don’t even know. So many guest, partying, eating and having a good time. You didn’t want to stand in the corner the whole time so you danced, and communicate with some of the people. Your friend arrives, and is surprised at the party you threw her, but she didn’t come alone, a handsome asian guy that has the cutest smile arrives with her. She introduces you to him.

"Aimee, this is Xiumin, Xiumin this my best friend Aimee " he looks at you and smiles to show respect he bows.

" Nice to meet you Aimee " he says.

" Nice to meet you too Xiumin " you returned. With that, your friend goes off to the kitchen to go eat, leaving you and Xiumin awkwardly standing, grinning at each other.

" Where's your restroom? " he asks. " Uhh, its just down the hall to your left " he nods, and goes to your restroom, leaving you alone. You grab and drink and sit on the sofa watching everybody else dancing, and having a good time. You see your friend from a distance gobbling all the food, you giggle to yourself...typical her. You took little sips of your drink, a guy came up and sat beside you, and stinks...oh lord he's drunk you say to yourself. " What's up sexy " he says to you, with the alcohol smelling breath coming from his mouth. " Hi..." You said and scoots away from him to avoid the smell. He scoots closer and put his arm around you. " Let's go get a room to ourselves heh?" You removed his arm from around you. " Um, no thanks " you say. He starts to rub and your thigh and get annoyed, you move his hand but he keeps he doing it. " Excuse me, but I really don’t appreciate you doing that, can you stop? " you say firmly. He softly giggles and keeps rubbing your thigh. You roll your eyes, remove his hand and gets up from the sofa to head to the kitchen, but he follows behind you. " Can please stop following me? " you say. " What... I only came to get a drink hehe" he walks pass you and gets a beer from out the cooler. You felt uncomfortable with guy just staring at while he drinks his beer. He winks at you, you roll your eyes and go back into the living. This guys doesn’t know when to quit, he follows you back into the living room. This time he takes it to far. He aggressively grabs your hips and pulls you back towards him. You get shocked but still tends to fight back, but he's too strong. Once you got out his grip, you slap him which get's everybody's attention. " I told you to leave me alone! " you scream at him. He takes as a joke and laughs it off and starts caressing you, you slap his hand away from you, and he continues laughing thinking that you're playing "hard-to-get". " Leave her alone " a strong, firm voice say. You turn and see Xiumin making his way back to you. " Who are you? Her boyfriend? " the guy say. Xiumin pulls you back, to where you're behind him, and gets in front of the guy. " Just leave and we won't have a problem " xiumin said, the guy gets closer to xiumin's face. " And who is going to make me? " he backfires back. Xiumin steps back trying avoid any kind of fight, he slightly pushes you back so you won't get hurt, he just wants to protect you. The guy steps up and pushes xiumin, but it only took one punch from xiumin to knock the guy out. Everybody got surprise and your eyes widen at his action. The guy passes out so one of friends apologize from his friends actions and escorts himself out along with his passed out friend. You end the party, and after everyone leaves you clean up, Xiumin stays to help you out. " Thank you so much for helping me clean up xiumin " you say. He smiles and says "Anything for you " you blush and smiled to yourself. " I'm sorry about the incident earlier, that guy is a jerk, I don’t know how I'm going to pay you back " you say. He stops what he was doing and make his way to you. " How about a date? Saturday at 7?" He says. You smile and nod yes, he writes his number on a piece of paper and hands it to you. Then takes one of your hands and kisses it. Your handsome, shining armor will soon become your handsome charming prince. XOXO

I hope you enjoyed it :D

Now I got to do my other request, back to work.

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